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Caregiver Support Groups

 What is a Caregiver?

 “Anyone who provides care and support for an adult family member or friend who is in poor health, frail, elderly or disabled. The care recipient/care partner can live either in their own home, with the family caregiver or in a care facility” (Family Caregiver’s Network Society, BC). 

What is a Caregiver Support Group?

 A safe environment where people affected by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other disability and disease can meet to mutually support one another by sharing their thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions and coping strategies in a non-judgmental and caring atmosphere. 

Benefits of Belonging to a Caregiver Support Group:

· A place to exchange information, support and friendship with others whose lives are affected by dementia and other disabilities or disease.

· A forum for sharing practical tips and strategies for coping with the many changes connected with aging and disease.

· A place to gain information on what the future may be like.

· A place to express feelings and be reassured that these feelings are normal and expected.

· An opportunity to decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness.

· A place to find a positive outlook on things without being misunderstood.

· The chance to regain some control in the face of a disability or disease that cannot be controlled.

· A place to find a sense of hope.

· A place to access current information from community organization and support systems.

For more information contact the Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park Day Program Manager Erin at 780-886-3337, or the Leduc Day Program Manager Daisha at 780-667-2534.

Caregiver Support Group Meetings

Meetings  occur once a month, on a program day, at the same location as the Day Program. Non-scheduled clients are welcome to attend the day program for the duration of the meeting.  

Caregiver Support Group Meetings

Fort Saskatchewan: Thursday, November 14th at 2:00 pm

Sherwood Park: Thursday, November 14th at 2:00 pm

Leduc: Wednesday, November 27th at 1:30pm